Expanding Safety Barriers

Portable, expanding safety barriers that are easy to deploy in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications
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Market Leaders in Security since 1996

We are the leading UK specialist in Expanding Safety Barriers
and Retractable Security Grilles

Quality barriers manufactured in the UK

Quality barriers manufactured in the UK

Proud to be a UK manufacturer of Expanding Safety Barriers & Retractable Security Grilles in the UK for over 25 years

Express Delivery Available​

Delivery Available

Because we are the manufacturer, we can offer quick lead times to suit our customers needs if necessary

Our Expanding Safety Barriers

All our products are manufactured in the UK at our Coventry based factory. Because of this you deal directly with the manufacturer and we can offer you the best direct prices. We also offer a 2 year warranty on all products and we offer a 48 hour express delivery service.

Freestanding Safety Barriers

Expanding safety barriers that can be quickly and easily deployed to highlight and demarcate no access areas (including high risk COVID areas) or temporary work sites, that may present hazards to pedestrians or to other workers.

Wheeled Safety Barriers

Wheeled Safety Barrier

A higher security safety barrier with wheels that can be fixed at either end and locked into position.

Safeguard Security Group

Safeguard Security is a privately owned company founded in 1995. Since 1996 we have been the leader in the domestic security grille market in the UK – manufacturing grilles in our Coventry factory. We have since added a range of expanding safety barriers to our product range, offering clients a full range of grilles and barriers. These are also manufactured in our own factory.

Over the years we have supplied and installed security products in every sector of the commercial market and now have a substantial client list of Government Departments, charities, blue chip companies and other organisations.

Safety Barriers

What is a Safety Barrier?

What is a Safety Barrier? Safety Barriers are mobile or fixed set of bars, designed to protect people, wildlife and property from harm or hazard.

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Safety Barriers UK

Safety Barriers UK

We are proud UK based expandable safety barrier manufacturers. Having spent over 25 years in the security industry, we have developed our own products, and

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