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Freestanding Safety Barriers

About Freestanding Safety Barriers

Expanding safety barriers that can be quickly and easily deployed to highlight and demarcate no access areas (including high risk COVID areas) or temporary work sites, that may present hazards to pedestrians or to other workers.


Freestanding safety barriers are for both internal and external use. They are used for closing off and demarcation of specific areas eg:

Suitable for use in schools, hospitals, surgeries, retail, offices, forecourts, showrooms, factories, public buildings, building and other construction sites.

Freestanding Safety Barriers

Short Light Duty Freestanding Safety Barrier

Short Light Duty Freestanding Safety Barrier

Where lightness and ease of deployment are key requirements.

£89 ex VAT

Heavy Duty Freestanding Safety Barrier

Heavy Duty Barrier Freestanding Safety Barrier

Where a taller, more secure barrier is needed.

£169 ex VAT