Expandable Safety Barriers for Workplace

Expandable Safety Barrier

Health and Safety at workplaces has become a top priority, understandably. Especially in workplaces where physical work is involved, but even in office environments it has an important role. Protecting employees from hazardous areas has never been more simple with using appropriate expandable barriers. Expandable safety barriers can be used to mark out of bound […]

Why are safety barriers used?

Wheeled Safety Barrier

Safety Barriers are most commonly used to provide health and safety in different situations. They provide protection, prevent harm and damage.

What is a Safety Barrier?

Wheeled Safety Barrier

Safety Barriers are mobile or fixed set of bars, designed to protect people, wildlife and property from harm or hazard.

Working with Expandable Safety Barriers

Short Light Duty Freestanding Safety Barrier

We produce  two types of portable safety barriers,  free standing, and wheeled.  Expandable safety barriers are very easy to use, transport and move around, and even to store them when they are not needed. They take up very small space when retracted, making them very handy and compact for storing.  Our portable barriers can also […]

Why Do We Need Safety Barriers?

Wheeled Safety Barrier

Safety barriers are key health and safety measures put in place to prevent people, vehicles or wildlife from getting injured. Furthermore, to protect stock or equipment from damage.

Safety Barriers UK

Safety Barriers UK

We are proud UK based expandable safety barrier manufacturers. Having spent over 25 years in the security industry, we have developed our own products. Additionally, we have been manufacturing them ourselves ever since. Therefore, we have built vast experience working with aluminium, and using the technology to manufacture concertina grilles. It came as a natural […]

How Do Retractable Safety Barriers Work?

Expanding safety barrier

Retractable safety barriers are one of the most practical solutions when it comes to health and safety. Safety barriers can be deployed to mark out of access areas, or to protect people from hazards. Our expandable safety barriers are very durable, but are also very lightweight. In a very smooth operation, they can be opened […]

What Are Safety Barriers Made Of?

Wheeled Safety Barrier

Both types of our wheeled and free standing scissor barriers are made of strong aluminium, that have a number of benefits. Aluminium is not only durable, but also rust-proof, that is an important quality for outdoor use. Aluminium is also very lightweight, that makes these safety barriers very easy to operate, deploy, and also to […]

Why are safety barriers important?

Expanding safety barrier

Safety barriers are important means of health and safety, used primarily to prevent any harm to people, wildlife or even stock, work equipment, or vehicles, and protect them from any hazard. Safety barriers are deployed to restrict access ways, or to mark hazardous areas in a wide range of settings such as workplaces, construction sites, […]