Expandable Safety Barriers for Workplace

Expandable Safety Barrier

Health and Safety at workplaces has become a top priority, understandably. Especially in workplaces where physical work is involved, but even in office environments it has an important role. Protecting employees from hazardous areas has never been more simple with using appropriate expandable barriers. Expandable safety barriers can be used to mark out of bound […]

What is a Safety Barrier?

Wheeled Safety Barrier

Safety Barriers are mobile or fixed set of bars, designed to protect people, wildlife and property from harm or hazard.

Working with Expandable Safety Barriers

Short Light Duty Freestanding Safety Barrier

We produce  two types of portable safety barriers,  free standing, and wheeled.  Expandable safety barriers are very easy to use, transport and move around, and even to store them when they are not needed. They take up very small space when retracted, making them very handy and compact for storing.  Our portable barriers can also […]

How Do Retractable Safety Barriers Work?

Expanding safety barrier

Retractable safety barriers are one of the most practical solutions when it comes to health and safety. Safety barriers can be deployed to mark out of access areas, or to protect people from hazards. Our expandable safety barriers are very durable, but are also very lightweight. In a very smooth operation, they can be opened […]

What is a safety barrier used for?

Expanding Safety Barriers

Wheeled and free standing expandable safety barriers are designed to mark out of bound areas, access ways, corridors, or hazardous areas. They can also be used in a wide range of contexts and environments, such as crowd control measures in a festival or airport setting. Practical Sides of Retractable Safety Barriers As they are retractable they […]

Expanding Safety Barriers Back to Work!

Portable Retracting Barrier

Summer of 2021 is looking very promising when life can be finally back to normal after a long stretched Covid19 pandemic. Government plans to gradually ease restrictions mean that more and more outdoor events such as festivals, live music concerts, various sports events and matches in stadiums can finally restart. Normality, and full head count […]