Wheeled and free standing expandable safety barriers are designed to mark out of bound areas, access ways, corridors, or hazardous areas. They can also be used in a wide range of contexts and environments, such as crowd control measures in a festival or airport setting.

Practical Sides of Retractable Safety Barriers

As they are retractable they can also act as exits, entrances, or factory roller doors. Safety barriers are suitable for use in any public buildings such as schools, hospitals, shops, offices. Made of durable, strong, yet lightweight aluminium, they can also be used in outdoor environments, without risking any corrosion by rust in the long term.

Expanding safety barriers can also be fixed at either side when a more locked in position is required, that is most useful when being used as a gate or door.

Expanding Safety Barrier
Expanding Safety Barrier

The primary aim of safety barriers are to protect people (or even wildlife) from any harm or hazard. However the amount of impact a safety barrier needs to stand very much depends on what purpose they are required for. Therefore choosing the right size, and even material of a safety barrier is key for the required context and purpose.