We produce  two types of portable safety barriers,  free standing, and wheeled.  Expandable safety barriers are very easy to use, transport and move around. It is also very simple to store them because they collapse to a fraction of their original size. In a collapsed state they look like a slip stand. They take up very small space when, making them very handy and compact for storing. 

Expandable Safety Barriers

Expandable Safety Barriers in a Wide Ranging Contexts

The most widely used versions are simple free standing safety barriers. Move them around, or leave them in one place. They are easy to carry and stretch out for whatever length. They will do an excellent job fencing off the particular area.

However, Wall-mounted safety barriers are another handy use. Often a temporary gate is necessary in a factory, or in a car park for example. It is very easy to fix one or both ends of a flexible safety barrier to a wall. In this case they simply operate as a temporary gate. They open and close smoothly.

They are also known as scissor barriers. There are lightweight versions for easy application, or heavy duty ones, depending on the specific use and context. Varying heights (from 90cm to 175cm) and lengths (from 2,5m to 4m) also allow our expandable safety barriers to be used on various areas, indoors as well as larger outdoor areas. 

Expandable Safety Barriers

Finally, their bright and high-visibility colours of yellow, or red-and-white, make them impossible not to notice in industrial environments.  They are therefore adequate equipment for all sorts of health and safety considerations. The white coloured safety barriers however, offer a little more elegant, and less industrial look. These are more appropriate in public spaces such as shops, retail, schools, hospitals, airports, etc.

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