Portable Safety Barriers can do excellent service in any public or private space where temporary blocking is required, in order to to restrict access to any entrance or hazardous areas, or direction. The high visibility colours guarantee to draw attention and prevent people or vehicles to enter the restricted areas. 

Designed with simplicity and effortless operation in mind. They can be closed into a very compact form, and also very lightweight.  These qualities make storing and moving them around very easy and simple. Yet they are heavy enough to withstand adverse weather conditions, and work perfectly well in any outdoor setting. Unlike other brands of portable safety barrier solutions, our products won’t even rust long term thanks to the excellent qualities of  aluminium that our expandable safety barriers are made of. 

Wheeled Safety Barrier
Wheeled Safety Barrier

All engineered and manufactured here in the UK, by ourselves, we can also offer not only the best price, but also a 3 year warranty.

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