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Safety Barriers UK

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We are proud UK based expandable safety barrier manufacturers. Having spent over 25 years in the security industry, we have developed our own products. Additionally, we have been manufacturing them ourselves ever since. Therefore, we have built vast experience working with aluminium, and using the technology to manufacture concertina grilles. It came as a natural evolution of our business to also start manufacturing expanding safety barriers in our UK based factory.

We proudly supply wheeled safety barriers as well as free standing safety barriers in a range of sizes and different colours. From more heavy duty, to the more light weight end of the spectrum, we have different options available. Our options depend on the use and context they are needed for. Our retractable safety barriers in the UK can be used in many contexts from airports, to schools, hospitals, construction sites, commercial settings, offices, factories, etc.

Being based in the UK, we can guarantee quick, and cost efficient delivery every time. Not least importantly, guarantee less carbon footprint than importing safety scissor barriers from Asia. This way we can also offer a 3 year warranty on all our products. We are of the opinion that buying local, and supporting UK businesses are not only more environmentally sustainable, but helps the country too. Plus, help and support is just an arms length away too from our friendly customer services team!

Safety Barriers UK
Safety Barriers UK
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