Aluminium is one of the best materials when it comes to safety barriers and security grilles. Let’s take a look at its most important features.

Lightweight, Rustproof, Durable & Sustainable Safety Barriers

Firstly it’s almost three times lighter than steel or iron. It therefore makes it three times easier to handle, operate, and carry around. In the case of a medium to larger size portable safety barrier the weight of the material makes a big difference.

Secondly, aluminium does not rust. Both our wheeled and free standing scissor barriers outdoors are designed for long term use, and it is very important to be able to use them outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions. Especially that they are expanding and retracting all the time, when in use. Rust could potentially limit their movement and use eventually.

Thirdly, aluminium is super durable, and flexible. Other materials tend to break faster due to their rigidity. Portable safety barriers do need a certain amount of flexibility, and certainly durability.

Fourthly, it is more environmentally friendly, as aluminium is recyclable. Once an aluminium product is no longer required, it can have a second, and third life when recycled correctly.

Our concertina safety barriers even come with a 3 year warranty, because we manufacture them ourselves, with over 25 years of experience. These are therefore also conveniently priced straight from the factory, cutting out any middle men.