In our last article we have talked about aluminium, the most durable, yet lightweight, rustproof, and overall most practical material that can be used to manufacture wheeled and portable safety barriers. This week we are going to discuss the advantages of ordering scissor barriers directly from us.

Locally Sourced, Sustainably Manufactured Safety Barriers

This comes with a number of perks in itself. Firstly there is no middle man, therefore all our products are priced from the factory. Most traders of a wide range of safety barriers import their products from Asia. This means not only a massive carbon footprint on their products, but also considerable additional costs on their products that they need to make up for. Our flexible safety barriers only bear the cost of materials and the production itself, therefore the best price is guaranteed.

Warranty and Experience

Secondly, we also offer a 3 year warranty for all our products. Having spent over 25 years in the security industry manufacturing sliding security grilles, we have vast experience working with these materials, and have developed our products ourselves, over the years. We have seen many cases, and live situations of our products being used in everyday situations. So we have the opportunity to tweak anything on the design as and when we see appropriate.

UK Business – Shop Local

Thirdly, we are a family run business, based in the middle of the UK, Coventry. We are proud of where we come from, being one of the local small businesses in England, with a long established, and transparent history, operating on simple terms: manufacturing our own products, and selling them ourselves within the country; the sort of company that can be trusted, and always approachable. No overseas call centres, no difficulties returning goods to China, none of that nonsense. With any questions, or queries our customers are welcome to simply give us a call, or write to us, and our friendly expert colleagues will be more than happy to help out and answer any questions.

Fourthly, we never stop developing new products. Our range of products are constantly expanding, so please watch this space for our next exciting product, for the armadillo crowd barrier, that is coming soon!

safety barriers
safety barriers