We are excited to share our other company https://www.safeguardsecurity.co.uk/ with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing and installing collapsible security grilles. Whether it is home security or commercial security, these sliding security grilles provide the ultimate security against intruders. 

Made -to-measure in every case, so perfect sizing is guaranteed regardless whether they are required for T-shaped windows/doors, or bay windows, patios, bedroom windows, or office windows or doors. They not only serve as an actual physical barrier, but also act as a visual deterrent. 

Our retractable security grilles not only look very neat when collapsed, but also very elegant from the outside whilst drawn out. They also slide smoothly in their tracks, making it very quick and easy to operate. 

As we measure, and manufacture these products ourselves, we can guarantee best price without any middle man or salesmen, and even include a 5 year warranty with installation. Supply only, and self installation option is also available with our sliding security grilles, with very easy and straightforward solutions, and full support provided. 

Experts in Safety Barriers & Security Grilles

We therefore not only supply and fit expandable security grilles, but we also manufacture our own Expanding Safety Barriers. Should you require either of these, please get in touch with our friendly customer services team for any free advice, or a free estimate.