Summer of 2021 is looking very promising when life can be finally back to normal after a long stretched Covid19 pandemic. Government plans to gradually ease restrictions mean that more and more outdoor events such as festivals, live music concerts, various sports events and matches in stadiums can finally restart. Normality, and full head count can also finally return to workplaces, schools, campuses, hospitals, offices, garages, factories, and all other public buildings. Many workplaces have chosen to use the downtime of recent months to improve the facilities at their sites, develop their properties, and of course made adjustments to comply with the new ways of covid19 life.

Life will never be the same in the post Covid 19 era, we all know that. The pandemic experience however, has certainly made many of us rethink and appreciate what the word ‘freedom’ means now, than before. The new normal is now likely to involve more discipline in society in many ways, at least certainly in terms of everyday hygiene, effective markings of access ways, one way systems in and out of buildings, and overall more efficient crowd control.

Versatile Expanding Safety Barriers

Although there is a wide range of fixed and expanding safety barriers on the market to serve this new normality, most of them are rather industrial looking. We feel our wheeled expanding safety barriers can be confidently deployed in all public buildings, schools, hospitals, concert settings, corridors, and festivals effectively without looking too industrial. Our plain white design is not only discrete and appropriate in such settings, but is very mobile, practical, simple to operate and takes up very small space when retracted.

Our range also includes free standing safety barriers of different heights and durability, depending on what level of security is required and for what purpose. Whether for construction sites, or for marking doorways, access ways, out of bound-, or hazardous areas, these barriers can be deployed quickly and very easily. Storing when out of use, they are also very discrete, taking up very little space. Using strong, durable aluminium also means that despite feeling relatively light and easy to operate, our products are very durable, rust proof, and also include a 3 year warranty.

We are the proud manufacturers of all our expanding safety barriers, meaning that our barriers are made to order, and best priced, straight from the factory without any middleman. We have been manufacturing a wide range of premium quality expanding safety barriers, and security grilles for over 25 years to know the market well, and the needs of various uses. Our company is based in the middle of the country, in Coventry, ideally located for a 48 hour express delivery anywhere in the UK mainland. Our company is here to help in readjusting to the new normality in the easiest and most practical ways.

Expanding Safety Barrier