We have been very excited over the last few months whilst starting to market our very own expandable safety barriers. It has been quite a journey for us since we have started with the designing of the product, gradually developing it, and finally launching our new website for these versatile concertina safety barriers.

Safety Barriers UK

Reduced Carbon Footprint

A lot of other companies simply import their safety barriers from Asia. We, however, proudly manufacture our products ourselves in our own family run factory. We also distribute them from our own warehouse, all based in Coventry, UK. This not only puts us ahead of other companies that import their products in terms of carbon footprint, but also in terms of guarantee.

Vast Industry Experience

We have been manufacturing concertina security grilles for over 25 years, for our original business, called Safeguard Security. Therefore, it allowed us to build vast experience in the industry. We heavily rely on this experience to date. We understand the market, and the needs of various industries. We also understand and have access to the best tools and materials to work with.

Safety Barriers UK

Since the launching of our safety barriers, we have not stopped developing new products. We are very excited to work on our next new project, so watch this space for more details soon! For now however our main focus is on distributing our own high quality, British made safety barriers in the UK. 

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