Crowd control, queuing, social distancing, marking access ways and creating one way systems for pedestrian traffic have now become part of the new normal. Every company must do their bit to remain Covid compliant within their own contexts, so we have gathered some of the key considerations to think through, when choosing portable retracting barriers.

Durabe Safety Barriers

One of the first points that comes to mind is how durable it needs to be in a given context, whether a portable expanding barrier is needed for crowd control, or marking out of bound, or hazardous areas, whether the context is fairly vibrant, such as an open door festival, or whether it is more of a controlled environment, like an airport?

Portable Retracting Barrier

Further questions to consider regarding durability is what it is made of, and whether it is rust proof? Our portable concertina barriers are made of strong aluminium that have the advantage of being rust proof, whilst also being relatively light weight. This is not to say that all our wheeled or free standing concertina barriers are lightweight. Depending on what size and what purpose they are required for, our expanding safety barriers range from fairly lightweight 3 kg to heavy duty 20 kg portable gates.

Easy to Use Safety Barriers

They also need to be easy to deploy. Whether wall mounted, free standing or wheeled gates are required, they should still be very easy to operate, open and close smoothly. As these are often used as factory gates for example, it is also an advantage of course if they take up very little space when retracted, or when not in use.

Portable Retracting Barrier

Finally the required size is also an important factor to consider. We offer a range of sizes from 900mm lightweight ones to 1750 extra tall, heavy duty portable barriers. As we manufacture our concertina gates ourselves, they are not only made-to-measure, but are also priced directly from the factory, cutting out any middle man from the process. Best price is therefore guaranteed on the market, with a 3 year warranty to include as well.

Manufacturing expanding concertina gates in the UK for over 25 years, brings us confidence that we know the market, and the requirements enough, to respond to the modern standards and changing needs with be most practical and multi use portable collapsible safety barriers on the market.