Our durable safety barriers are made of strong aluminium, that have a number of benefits. Aluminium is not only durable, but also rust-proof, that is an important quality for outdoor use. Aluminium is also very lightweight, that makes these safety barriers very easy to operate, deploy, and also to store. We use aluminium for both our wheeled as well as free standing scissor barriers.

Finished with a white powder coat or yellow powder coat, they are also easy to clean. When retracted, our durable safety barriers have a slim profile that takes up minimal space and can be hidden behind a door easily. 

Lightweight and Durable Safety Barriers Directly from the Manufacturers

Our durable safety barriers are priced directly from the factory as we are the manufacturers, unlike most suppliers who simply import them from Asia, mostly China. This means there is no middle man, this is the cheapest, and greenest possible option, made in Coventry at the heart of the UK. 

With over 25 year experience in the security industry, we can guarantee that our portable barrier solutions are of the highest quality, most practical, and rigorously tested. To prove this, we also offer a 3 year warranty with all our products. Whether it be wheeled or free standing safety barrier, in our experience Aluminium is the most durable and practical material to use in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Durable Safety Barrier
Durable Safety Barrier

In summary, Aluminium is a very practical material to work with, when it comes to expandable safety barriers. There are so many benefits to this metal. It is easy to work with, because Aluminium is sturdy, yet possible to mold it into different shapes. It’s lightweight, yet durable. It is rust proof, and simple to operate. Open and close quickly it when required. Finally, it is also easy to store it, as it can collapse into a very small size.

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