Retractable safety barriers are one of the most practical solutions when it comes to health and safety. Safety barriers are the best solution to segregate out of access areas, or to protect people from hazards. They alert people to potential danger, and keeps them away from a dangerous area. Such hazardous area may be a manhole on a street, or heavy machinery in a factory, or a ditch in an outdoor environment.

Our expandable safety barriers are very durable, but are also very lightweight. Scissor barriers have very smooth operation, they are easy to open, close and move around. They are also practical to keep out of the way when not in use. When collapsed, retractable safety barriers take up very small space. It is easy to hide them discretely even behind a door, or anywhere out of sight.

Versatility of Retractable Safety Barriers

There are of course a number of sizes, colours of safety barriers, with different levels of durability, from heavy duty, to lighter weight options. Depending on what context they are need to work in. They also come in various high visibility colours.

More heavy duty safety barriers work best in more industrial settings, such as construction sites, airports, or near heavy machinery. These tend to be larger, and taller in sizes. Being painted in bright colours, they attract attention. Therefore retractable safety barriers work perfectly as health and safety measures.

On the other end of the spectrum are our lightweight safety barrier solutions. Those are more ideal to deploy in smaller settings such as a factory door, or in garages, in commercial settings such as on shop floors, or in other public spaces. Public spaces can be hospitals, school, airports, town halls, office environments, etc. Powder coated in white, these are a lot more discreet and elegant in appearance.

Retractable Safety Barrier
Retractable Safety Barrier

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